On this page, you will find the list of all the posters I have been involved in.


  • N. Aunai, A. Jeandet, H. Winter, E. Lepennec, R. Piberne, Scientific Qt application for Learning from Observations of Plasmas (SciQLOP), PNST Meeting, march 2016, Hendaye, France.


  • N. Aunai, M. Hesse, M. Kuznetsova, C. Black, R. Evans, Collisionless magnetic reconnection in asymmetric current sheets: Hybrid and fully kinetic simulations. AGU 2012, San Francisco, USA.
  • R. Smets, G. Belmont, N. Aunai, Plasma diffusion in self-consistent fluctuations. EGU 2012, Vienne, Autriche.


  • N. Aunai, G. Belmont, R. Smets, Kinetic mechanisms underlying the fluid description of ions in antiparallel magnetic reconnection, EGU 2011, Vienne, Autriche.
  • G. Belmont , N. Aunai, R. Smets, Kinetic equilibrium in an asymmetric tangential current layer, EGU 2011, Vienne, Autriche


  • N. Aunai , G. Belmont, R. Smets, Pressure force and Ion kinetic and bulk acceleration in collisionless magnetic reconnection, EGU 2010, Vienne, Autriche.


  • N. Aunai , G. Belmont, R. Smets, Kinetic pressure force in collisionless magnetic reconnection, AGU 2009, San Francisco, USA.
  • N. Aunai , G. Belmont, R. Smets, Hybrid simulations of Asymmetric magnetic reconnection, ISSS9 2009, St Quentin, France.


  • N. Aunai , G. Belmont, R. Smets, Hybrid Vlasov equilibrium in asymmetric tangential discontinuities, AGU 2008, San Francisco, USA.