You can find the intership topics, current or past, following this page. (Warning : this will be in french) Students I supervised or co-supervised
  • Jeremy Cassier – 3rd year of SupAero. Jeremy worked on implementing a relativistic pusher in my Particle-in-Cell code and on correctly initializing Maxwell-Juttner velocity distribution for ion-electron relativistic current sheets, following a method initially developed by Mickael Melzani. This internship was co-supervised with Illya Plotnikov at IRAP.
  • Jeremy Dargent – M2 Astronomie et Astrophysique d’Ile de France. Jeremy successfully implemented a kinetic equilibrium for asymmetric tangential current sheets in Michael Hesse’s fully kinetic code. Jeremy continued his work as the begining of his PhD.
PhD students
  • Jeremy Dargent is doing his PhD with me and Benoit Lavraud on modeling and observing magnetic reconnection at the Earth Magnetopause, in connection with the NASA MMS mission.
Teaching in Classes
I taught during the three years of my PhD (monitorat),  at university of Versailles St Quentin. I taught mainly to 2nd year student at the university and at ISTY engineering school.

  • Electromagnetism (Tutorial and practical classes)
  • Wave optics (Tutorial and practical classes)
  • Special relativity (Tutorial classes)
Public Outreach